Thursday, August 31, 2017

Murphy's law

Daytrip to Brighton which was basically just a series of unfortunate events

Breakfast club before all hell broke loose DSC08025edit


at least we had a great breakfast..
now you see me now you don't, like literally.

with hindsight, I was the stupid one. Like, if you see the place swarmed with seagulls, why would you still tempt them by eating something right in front of them rofl

Yes, I was robbed by seagulls. I call it a robbery. Literally a daylight robbery.

My poor crepe, I only had a mouthful of it, haven't even gotten to my favourite part (the whipped cream) and THEY JUST SNATCHED IT AWAY FROM ME

and the irony, to have my favourite whipped cream splatter all over me LOL it was a disaster that I never ever want to relive again.
you bitch
also had the worst tasting cake i've ever had in my life LOL I forgot what flavour it was but it was a vegan cake

but we had great dinner so it sort of made up for everything (take note, of course we were oblivious then that the worst has yet to happen) DSC08177edit

with bangs! who happened to be in town as well for work

So, after dinner, long story short, our bus didn't come as scheduled. there was an accident on the motorway in the afternoon so the bus service was cancelled. I mean, we could stay overnight at bangs' place, but we were travelling to Cardiff early next morning, so staying overnight there wasn't really an option.

It was cold, we were ill-dressed, drenched by the rain (and freezing). Lots of miscommunication going on, it was just the worst.

But we made it home eventually. National Express got us cabs that took us back to London so all was good.

got to give credit where credit is due, so thank you, National Express, for choosing not to abandon us when you could?

But I also witnessed the ugly side of human nature which was disappointing, really.

Oh well, what an experience.

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