Saturday, July 22, 2017

how £120 tastes like

that's a totally unrelated photo, but since I didn't take any photos of the restaurant, a photo of a cafe next to it will do.

My first meal of the whole trip was at Dinner By Heston. My first choice was The Fat Duck of course, but it's out of London, so Dinner will do.
(reservation was made 2 months in advance, no less)

It was ok. Do I regret dining there? No. But will I go again? No.

Comparing this place and Caelis in Barcelona (since this 2 are the only Michelin places I've ever dined at), I liked Caelis (1 Michelin Star) alot more than Dinner (2 Michelin Stars)

unedited photos:
Scallop with various elements which I have forgotten what they were lmao sorry. The "various elements" outshone the scallop though.
The much famed Meat Fruit: Chicken liver parfait disguised as a Mandarin Orange served with grilled bread
this was definitely the highlight of the meal
Idk, but I figured I probably looked ravenous so midway through the parfait they offered me another slice of grilled bread

If it's free, it's me.
Chicken and cauliflower. Again, just like the Scallop dish, the accompanying elements were better than the Chicken.
Not a fan of chunky chips, but how can you not try triple cooked chips when you are at a Heston's establishment?
I'm sorry I forgot what's this dish called as well LOL
Tipsy cake! That's a brioche bun soaked in buttery rum syrup, served with a side of spit roast pineapple. It's also one of the must-order dishes there.
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Trolley!

It's definitely all about the theatrical effect for this one.

Earl Grey Chocolate Ganache for their dessert amuse bouche.

So that's like, 4 desserts I had.

And yes I dined alone, so all these insane amount of food were unashamedly finished by myself.

It was quite an experience (whole meal took 3 hours, service was outstandingly slow paced. Intentional? I don't know)

so that's one thing off my bucket list!
home for my first weekend in London!

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