Monday, January 09, 2017

Dragon's Peak // runescape memories




Walking around Dragon's Peak reminded me of an incident that happened back when I played runescape. (That must have been a good 15 years ago.)

I played runescape only because my best friend, then, CQ, played it. I was never a good player; I probably got to level 5 and stayed there forever. I played it only because CQ played it, and was basically just tagging along wherever he went (for those of you who are unfamiliar with runescape, I don't know how it's like now, but back then runescape had a point-and-go interface. so you'll have to constantly click on somewhere and direct where your avatar to go. You get to set your own goals and objectives in the game, choosing to complete the various quests and task at your own pace)

I think CQ was like a level 80+ player or something (in short, he was invincible to me)

So anyway, in the game, there's this area called the Wilderness, which is pretty similar to dragon's peak  (that's why it brought back the memories). Wilderness is a place which is filled with lots of high level monsters, a place where high level players combat one another.

In short, Wilderness is a place where lousy players like me should not venture into. But to players like CQ, it's just a walk in the park.

Back to the story

CQ LOVED taking me to the Wilderness, and I loved going to the Wilderness as well, simply because it's such a mysterious place where I'll never ever get to venture in on my own since I probably wouldn't be able to survive 1 second in there. And I guess CQ saw it as a perfect chance to display his prowess. Regardless, we made the perfect pair: he loved taking me into the Wilderness, and I was an eager follower.

If you don't get it by now, "taking me to the Wilderness" means bringing me into the Wilderness and killing everything and anything that comes our way. So in short, he was like a bodyguard while I explored the Wilderness, taking in every sight and view, seeing monsters that I would otherwise never get to see (apart from the wiki page)

but shit happens, and shit happened.

CQ WASN'T INVINCIBLE LIKE I THOUGHT HE WAS. He was killed by a monster in the Wilderness.

But I managed to run away. It was still useless though, since I wasn't going to be able to fend for myself anyway. I can still remember that taste of despair.

Actually, dying in the game wasn't a big deal. I think you'll probably just lose your belongings, but it's definitely not game over. But still, I didn't want to die (lol)

I remember frantically clicking all over the map interface, trying to run out of the wilderness while avoiding monsters

but I wasn't even familiar with the Wilderness so I think I actually went deeper in.

and then, I met this 2 other high level players. I thought I was going to die, but their curiosity over how a level 5 player could get in this deep into the Wilderness kept me alive.

and so, they brought me out, the same way CQ brought me in

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I guess you can say that chivalry isn't dead.

And that was probably the last time I entered the Wilderness with CQ, because all trust were lost.

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