Sunday, January 22, 2017

all stars were aligned to our favour

yesterday was a.. fantabulous & magical night, where life has proven, once again, that it works in inexplicable ways that we can't fathom

It was laneway day yesterday. but wanz and I didn't get tickets since we both felt that it wasn't exactly worth it (I was only interested in 3 acts) but we decided to loiter around outside the venue to catch the acts that I was interested in for free (like is it even legal?! I don't know man)

so you know, we just proceeded to do our own thing earlier in the day. we caught a fantastic movie, had a great dinner, even did this 7D ride (to be covered in another post). the day was already pretty good, but little did we know our happiness (or mine, at least) would be blown up by unmeasurable proportions LOL

even at this point, I was really happy & contented to just hang out around there and catch the performances. the view was decent, and we could even hear them clear enough. I even joked that we should do this every year

and then I was doing my nonsensical sway and dance moves because why not? Music was great, and I felt really happy. But wanz was less than impressed by my moves HAHAH she even moved like, 2 meters away from me LOL

we caught the full set of Tycho, and it was Glass Animals next (which was my main highlight)

one song into Glass Animals' set, this random stranger came up to us and ask if we wanted free passes into laneway since we were enjoying the music so much

like what??? omg?!? for real!?

I was totally like omg yes please  

but friends, please don't be like me. the normal, sensible thing is to always stay vigilant LOL but I didn't have to worry about that since I had wanz to stay vigilant for the both of us (is that how it works)

but we had to walk with him to this other area like just a 5 minutes walk away where he'll meet his other friend who has the passes. I'm like, sure why not. (but I would like to reiterate once again that I am not a good example to follow plus this was like probably a one in a thousand rare occurrence where I met a genuine, kind-hearted guy.)

(just for you to have a gauge of time, we were into the 2nd song of Glass Animals' set)

and while waiting for his friend to come meet us, this OTHER random stranger came up to me and wanz and asked if we wanted his pass since he was leaving.

but we all know it's probably impossible to get the wristband off, given how it was purposely designed such that we couldn't take off the wristband and share it with others. but that guy was really persistent so I guessed we just, played along to be polite hahahah it was good fun

he was like "pull my hand!" "pull this strap!" "pull it harder" and at this point we were really concerned that he was going to injure himself but he was probably too inebriated to feel any pain but anyway he was cute hah

and midway through that, the friend with the free passes came so the drunk guy's  hand was spared

and we got in.



(just for you to have a gauge of time, we were into the 4th song of Glass Animals' set)

unbelievable?! and I've never enjoyed myself so much at a gig before, my nonsensical dance just into went full gear haha

the drizzle that accompanied us throughout turned into a rain but that just made the whole night even more romantic, doesn't it?
Nick Murphy/Chet Faker's set
it's been half a day but i'm still floating from all the miracles that just happened

21/01/2017 forever

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