Friday, March 07, 2008

yay tommorow hopefully i can go get my skinnies

okay anyway yep today is the last day of school already and seriously, it sucks with the amount of homework that the school actually gave us

and unarguably, the most absurd of all is the homework that mr poh gave us.

like wtf, all the exercises in chapter13.i mean even if he wants to ensure that all of us did practice for the trigo test and not flunk it, its not the way what

not only that, and all the other homework all add up. i would rather they cancel this dumb holiday and just carry on with lessons.

damn angry lah. lessons were like whatever as usual

then went for prac which was like rather slack too

first half of the prac i wasn't even in the bandroom, i was in the storeroom doing qm stuff with nanren;D

then prac with sec1s, under the baton of leehuiling lol.

prac ended at 5, but waited till like 6.21pm then the sec4s meeting start. like gosh

but anyway i stayed for like 10 minutes for the meeting and had to leave for tuition


i have like tuition everyday

i think my tone for this post is like, sucks.
ps: besides the skinnies part:)

i'm just so upset, maybe because of what mr poh did.

damn it man.


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