Friday, March 14, 2008

tuition change date to tommorow

so today, i've got nothing to do, i mean except homework


yea its my first time baking brownies and it will be successful lols.

it seems super simple.

anyway yesterday went for the foodfair thing at suntec and it was rather disappointing cos there weren't much food, interesting food actually.

but bought chocolate and strawberry pie and they gave us one bar of strawberry candy free but later the lady gave us another one cos i bought it together with my sis so the lady say she will give us one more so that the both of us won't snatch over it

actually its not the first time already

years back my sisters and i, the four of us, went to buy EXPENSIVE chocolates at city link then the lady gave us 4 free darkchocolates hahaa.

right shall end here, might post again LATER.


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