Wednesday, March 12, 2008


today was damn fun with wanzhen&wymer&jem okay!

so i met up with jem and wymer first at eunos and then headed off without wanzhen to marina square macs for lunch

jem&i had mcflurry while wymer ate his lunch lol

then wanzhen came and we headed off to KBOX;D

gosh it was like DAMN FUNNY OKAY

we sang like all sorts of songs laEVEN SEXBOMB.
initially when we planned this outing jem&wymer say that they won't be singing but in the end EVERYONE SANG

sang alot of songs with everyone,alot of duets and non duets too lah

example, sang 如果的事 with wanzhen ,翻不完的夏天 with jem,屋顶 with wymer and we all sang 第一天 together!

of cos sang alot of more songs together too like SHA LA LA LA LA where we all laughed AGAIN.

and wymer kept laughing at my 听妈妈的话 even until just now on the mrt

he was saying i was rapping the whole song, even when i stopped and think abit and say sth like how come so weird

as in, i was rapping the singing part as well

it was like damn hilarious lah

and sang 千里之外 with wymer as well and he SANG THE WHOLE SONG EXCEPT THE LAST SENTENCE

as in, i was supposed to sing feiyuqing part while he is supposed to sing the jaychou part

but then after awhile he sang the feiyuqing part as well, so i thought he wanted to swop parts
then he carried on and sing the whole song

then until the last sentence he stopped then i sing

then he say he didn't know the different parts

as in he thought the red blue and green indications weren't indications but EFFECTS

then mrt to bugis. wanted to catch a movie but didn't in the end cos of the limited movies and timings.
then went to arcade at bugis instead!

then we played the basketball game, then actually we wanted to PK each other as in jem&wymer together then me&wanzhen together but then it ended up playing separately

but we still PKed lah


we were on the right, they were on the left.

then had dinner at swensens.

gosh ate alot lah

besides the meal, the four of us also shared ice cream

waffle with ice creambrownie with ice cream

can you imagine how full we were lah

and i think we are like blacklisted by the people there cos WE ACTED LIKE GANSTERS.

it all started with jem saying sth like ICE CREAM COME FIRST.

and later when the lady ask whether she can clear the plates then i said YA LAR.

IT WASN'T ON PURPOSE. i also didn't know why i said that, NATURAL REACTION I SWEAR.

and later we played with the knifes and even wanted to threaten the people there saying something like WHERE IS OUR ICE WATER/ WE WANT ICE WATER while drawing circles in the air with the knife

and even left $1 tip for them.

the change was 90 cents but we added in 10 cents to sum it up to $1.

LOLS. okay anyway,

then went to bugis street to walk around and showed jem&wymer STYLISH CLOTHINGS.
SPOT WHERE WYMER&JEM IS. they were too slow and didn't manage to cross the road.

then MRT HOME.

and the mrt was like so crowded

then on the way back i nearly fell and wymer was super NOT gentleman cos he didn't grab me when he was like so near me and i had to grab him lah

SO 不自动!

okays today's outing was like, 95% of the time was spent laughing

tired from all the laughter already

off to sleep, byebye;D

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