Monday, March 03, 2008

hahas school's been as excited as ever;D

yep lessons are as usual but seriously, the people around me are like so funny please.

and a guy behind me who claims that he and mas selamat bin kastari looks damn alike. okay i've taken a picture and i'll upload it some time soon, i'm just to lazy to do so now

and my emo outcast partnet MITANG hahah!

and also rambutan who is sitting behind mitang.

and christina too, who is sitting on my right:)

and also yipeng sitting in front of mitang, and jeanette in front of me whom i can also ask help for amath and kevin beside samuel whom i can discuss emath with

well why i'm mentioning this now is because i've learnt that i must 惜福

and i shouldn't just acknowledge them when like i graduate or something

haha okay but anyway.

PE was exciting with the 火星撞地球 game

& 林教练 is so cute man

and during lessons was laughing alot of times

and especially during chinese lesson, 叶老师 printed out wymer's so called model composition who scored a 28/70 and everyone was laughing like rofl.

yep anyway then went for band after school

yep was stoning again

then collected some mac money and 匆匆忙忙就走了

i didn't even collect one sax order and the whole of tuba section

okay i think thats all.

yep byebye;D

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