Friday, March 07, 2008

gosh i'm like super frustrated now.

i hate tabbing.

and i have to tab as homework, gosh sucks totally.

and its like i have to tab 2 of my favourite songs, its like. at first i really like this song, but after all the repeating and repeating and repeating of the songs, it makes me feel like puking.

the thought of pressing the play button makes me want to run towards to nearest bowl already

maybe you are thinking whats tabbing

ANS: its like when you listen to this song, then you listen out for this particular type of instrument, for example:guitar, then you write out the score for it.

and even the slowest song of all times sound damn fast to you when you try to tab it

and its like you have to keep replaying and replaying just to get like one section of this song, and now seriously, i hate 小宇宙 & 翻不完的夏天. i don't even remember how much i've replayed them

50 times at least.

-end of post-

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