Thursday, March 06, 2008

gosh back from amath tuition and i'm like so tired

and there is chinese tuition tommorow and basically there is like tuition for me everyday.

but anyway today was fun as usual like lols

chem test was okay lah, shouldn't fail hmmm.

but anyway march holidays are coming and i'm really excited cos rambutan jem watermelon and i are going to kbox! hahas yay.

and rambutan even let me go through some audition just in case i sing too horribly

and after much practice.. I SANG 沙滩 by 陶喆 and he says that it was not bad leh

okay but anyway, yep im just so excited for it, its going to be like my concert with 3 audiences if everything goes well and they don't cancel it

okay there is like bio test and emaths test tommorow ( but i'm not going to study for emath anymore )


damn it, fortunately there is a replay on sunday

okay thats all


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