Sunday, February 17, 2008

yesterday night i was looking for my sticks.

as in although its not like i only have 1 pair of sticks, but i always use that pair of sticks so somehow i quite like that pair.

but on the other hand, i carn really say its my favourite pair. in fact i don't really use my favourite pair alot cos i 不舍得用

but okay anyway i was like searching high and low for it and i guess i left it in mg.

smsed alfe and ask him to help me look for it. hehs hopefully he manages to help me find it.

he found his already! he told me that he thought he lost his but it happened to be under the sofa lol.

okay perhaps mine is under the sofa too.

goshh i'm so bored.

maybe i'll go read my 浪漫的逃亡;D


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