Tuesday, February 05, 2008

tommorow is chinese new year's eve already!

i'm really excited about it, and wanzhen is right, i really didn't feel THAT excited for christmas and new year.

perhaps cos there will be angbao and new clothes plus many delicious food for cny!

oh and maybe, cos christmas and new year is really close to school reopen so it will feel really sian hahs

okay lessons were whatever

chinese test went pretty well I HOPE

amath test was rofl when i didn't know how to do question2b

and my answer for question3 last part is really ugly so, i think i'll just pass ba

sel was slacking like shit. as in, mrs mohan ask us to read newsweek and falcon magazine and i really wonder if johannes and i are learning the same english

as in her english is like WOW and my english is like oww.

anyway yesterday night my father's ( or perhaps, our, ) new television arrived!

byebye old tv =/

hello giant tv!

its so huge lah just compare its size with the piano!

and its installed already, its super huge but its really nice

okay anyway today after school asked huiling to teach me oxidation but it ended up with yunleng and shiling teaching me with seemui helping hahaha.


and went to play around in bandroom, okay feels really really sad to enter that room.

i still remember when i was sec1 we had to move to this new bandroom from the old one

and i remember eating the paparoti that mrs lam bought for us in the bandroom without the carpet.

now when i go into that room, i don't have to think of all those memories, they'll come find me

perhaps, its appropriate to end off in a lighter note=)

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