Saturday, February 09, 2008

stupid brotheryc pangsehhh me.

okay yesterday went to visit some relatives

and after that went to vivo for dinner ( aka some disgusting and awful tasting chicken rice)

and to sentosa to look at the flowers and took a ride on the 4D thingy and the skytower.

haha my mama! lols.

oh yep and we took the monorail there from vivo city. we bought the two way tickets,but, okay shall continue the story later.
yep and on the skytower

night view of singapore?
the songs of the sea thingythe lighted house is the images of singapore building, the one with the wax people.


actually wanted to post a zilian photo of myself but took it away, cos feels weird. lol.

yep okay so the story was like this. we wanted to take the monorail back

but the queue was like so super long, okay its like the whole main school hall filled with people queuing up something like that

so we decided to walk back since we did walk back to vivo not long ago and its walkable

so we started walking

and we headed the wrong direction so we ended up further in sentosa

then we walked back

and walk and walk and walk

and we were like, how come still haven't reach the bridge ah

then we found out that cos of the IR thing, we had to detour ONE BIGGGGGGGGGGG ROUND and then to the bridge

and zomg we walked for like 2 hours

and i was telling yc that we were hiking and we got lost.

zomg. who wants to go to sentosa again!

okay thats all.

yep today hope that i can go out cos i'm in a shopping mood but i doubt so cos brotheryc pangseh me

and there is no lesson today cos TEACHER AND MG PANGSEHH ME.


and next week if he pangseh me again. *bangs table *

cos the following week after the next i will be pangsehhing him.

okay byebye;D

bye merlion;D

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