Monday, February 04, 2008


okay today sucks like shit cos i stained my skirt zomg

and its NOT IN SCHOOL.

its when yanhao and i are at haising to return the instruments ( not yet at ngee ann )

and it is super untimely lor.

like wthhh and i bet like zomg hundreds of people must have saw me and roar
at least yanhao its okay since he is my sister BUT BUT BUT AHHH.

and i saw melvin, perhaps melvin saw me and thats even worse

like when everytime i'm hoping to see him i don't but now when its so untimely I SAW HIM

oh and he is really good looking lah


say hi to all the flowers! okay when everyone ( band ) is studying at the dong now, i'm at home

i'm excused by huiling already okay!

but, seriously on the other hand, another reason why i didn't go back was cos, i simply lack the courage to go back. ( and to my jnrs whom i've told yall, yes i'm not going back?)

cos i know i'll definately cry again if i go back.

SEEING FANN THIS MORNING ALREADY MADE ME FEEL LIKE CRYING, furthermore the whole perc like zomg.

ps: walau i should just stop listening to 纯真 cos it makes me super emo lah.

lessons were like that.

chinese new year is coming

oh and today wanzhen kept saying i look thinner

okay well if its true of cos i'll be damn happy

but, oh well , its good enough to motivate me to lose weight

oh whatever.

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