Friday, February 01, 2008


and tommorow is the concert! i'm feeling so so so excited.

okay so today after school had band prac

felt really sad when its like the last time we'll be moving the instruments out of the bandroom!

then bandprac then arranged the chairs

and delphine found alot of tags and we started playing with them

it was so so so hilarious!

feels so sad. you know, to see my juniors grow up

from not knowing anything to people who will take over us really soon

to see yongquan from shorts to long pants

to see delphine last time tuck in to now, use drawstring

to see fann with different coloured braces now and then

to see weizhang always making me laugh with his funny gestures

to see rex roll so much faster than me zomg

everyone is changing, so are us, we are leaving already!

i have a very good feeling about the concert tommorow

my feelings tell me that it wiil be successful

my feelings tell me that it will be my best concert

and at least i finally have supporters tommorow! at least there will be yuncheng and brother?

and yuncheng said something funny:

buy shuang(band concert tickets)=treating it as donation/give face=gay

haha! nice one okay!

tommorow's concert will definately be good

perc ensemble will be excellent.

marchboushu we will be together and i won't screw my solo

i will make people feel: whoa so pro ( even though i'm not the timpani specialised player)

i will make people feel: whoa mallets so pro ( HEH specialises mallets.)

i will make people feel: whoa auxilaries so much feel! i want to dance to the rhythm

and to all audience: you will not be disappointed.

ps: AND MDM SIM IS GOING AND SHE SAY I CAN GO HUG HER, oh yes definately i will

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