Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it wasn't any brain tumour!

thanks shen! i swear that those few days before my visit to the doc was spent with much fear

but somehow it was pretty good too cos it made me treasure everything more

and now i'm going to live everything as though its my last;D

lessons today were as usual

but i felt damn sleepy thanks to the medicine i ate.

but i managed to press on hahaha and amath test results were like rofl

i got 11/20 which is like lmao.

to think of all the math practices i have been doing before the exam

anyway did so me oscar thingy during SEL and damn it

my interests and abilities are not relevant to what i want to be in future!

as in like, they ask us to pick 3 occupations that are quite likely that we will do in future

then take some quiz where they tell us what is relevant to our abilities and interests

i chose lawyer biochemist and scriptwriter

and turned out that i can actually be some math and science teacher, speech therapists, curator ( WTH.), dietician and nutritionists.

and some credit officer too but earns like $1,700 a month


okay i have no more hopes in future.

okay anyway went for sectionals

and i got to know that there is some notes written by our dear sec2s for the individuals sec4 ( by the section's sec2)

didn't dare to read it cos when i saw it i felt so touched and emo lah

i nearly cried out cos it was really so touching

but anyway i shall read it later

i think i can write some 4 page compo at least for each and every sec2 perc junior?

they are just so adorable and afterall, WE ARE FROM THE SAME PRIMARY SCHOOL ;D

haha okay basically thats all

VALENTINE'S DAY IS COMING and i was thinking of getting flowers like what i told weyjian

but after much consideration

perhaps not=)



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