Saturday, February 16, 2008


clever readers, i guess i don't have to say whose tickets i've bought;D
zomggggggg i'm like so super excited about the concert

yep okay so today went to bugis with my 2nd sis and met up with my 3rd sis there too.

haha had lunch there at this place called V8. the food is NOT BAD, price is reasonable but their salad is kind of awlful lah.

okay anyway i'm picking some videos from l'amore di musica to send to my teacher. hahah selecting real carefully but somehow its not how it sounds like that is the problem, but its HOW I LOOK LIKE. decided to send march boushu cos my sis didn't manage to video me down at the timpani, I WAS BLOCKED BY THE TUBA.

hahaha yep anyway back to lunch.

so we were eating and eating and we there was like this lion dance thingy? they danced into the restaurant? rofl.
the lion was kind of cute though, and its actions somehow reminded me of kira? as in kira my dog lol.

yep and WENT TO GET ASHIN'S BOOK 浪漫的逃亡
gosh hahah i'm like so so so excited to read it too

and i've spent like so much money today

the tickets are like $171 and the book is $27

oh anyway and my sis saw this big human sized board of L and ask me to take a pic of it, how embarrassing.

okay anyway after that went for my lessons at bugis street while my JIEs went to walk around in bugis i think.

yep then while waiting for the prev student to finish her lesson was waiting outside then jae walked pass and treated me to some pocky like chocolate stick. and i was like heh its poisonous then he started to sort of wave the stick in front of me and say eat it eat it eat it.

its been ages since i last went there lah

like near 1 month already.

okay lessons were nice and i managed to ask my teacher to go mayday concert too

lol. learnt some other new stuff today, called afro-cuban. its ssome jazz/latin like african music bah.

and some independence exercise lol

okay anyway after lessons met up with my sis again to get FOOD and went home

and on the bus i saw this uncle damn disgusting lah

he was reading the newspaper.

then he was reading this page with this article about this this injection which can make ur boobs firm or sth then won't sag then there was a picture of a lady in bra then he was like reading that page for the whole bus journey from bugis to back home which was like 1 hour 15 minutes

at first i thought it was reading it so i was actually reading it too lah cos i was bored then he was sitting near me mah

then after like damn long i turn my head and saw him still reading that page

then after that i turn my head and he is STILL AT THAT PAGE

and when i alight he was still at that page

okay perhaps he is just re-reading it

okay whatever.

byebye;Dmy 3rd sis, ha.

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