Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy vday yingzhi;D

perhaps to you too reader #0

today had breakfast with brother ehren spc. haha only the four of us, oh and with kangning joining us for the last few minutes and practically, we minus yingzhi were laughing at kangning's united nations

and the meepok we ate were like damn spicy and i had stomach ache for the morning LOL

brother took this photo, and they say that it has got this classic abigail smile?

yep anyway so yesterday spent like near 2 hours wrapping up the special gifts;D


and it turned out good okay

these are the special gifts. made for like 16 people only?

those in green is for my section! the rest are for my brothers or sisters etc;D

and maybe i should make one for my teacher too this saturday. but no materials le, so maybe i'll go get it like tmr or what bah. OR MAYBE CIRCULATE LOLOLOL.

yep and received many presents too!

haha really thankful to everyone;D

yep anyway stayed outside the biolab for a while with wanzhen

it's a really nice place

its like quiet and super windy

yep anyway hang out awhile in the bandroom and then off for tuition!

haha and fortunately there was fann who took bus with me and REX'S MOTHER! who drove us to the mrt haha

and my teacher gave me angbao!

haha but he say cannot spend that money, its like a goodluck angbao so that we can own in all exams and tests

sounds cool.

yep okay i'll go do my geog now


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