Monday, February 18, 2008

gosh i'm rather tired and there is like so many homework

and seriously i think chem is gone case for me already

i don't even understand redox and now we are already at energy change and wth, i don't even understand any shit

i even had difficulties differentiating whether evaporation of water is a process which takes in heat or gives out heat.

shit chem lah.

okay anyway so lessons were like so boring as usual.

then had band and drills afterwards

squad leader! but found it rather screwed

i even cut weyjian's squad and i didn't know it until huiling told me

and i swear i didn't see weyjian at all lah

if i have a chance to be a squad leader again, i'll choose somewhere far, far, far away

then won't have chance to cut other people's squad

and louis recap wrong information so we taught them the wrong stuff lah

okay but anyway. i have so many homework and i think i should finish them up, eh.


54 days to handover ( 12 april, which means 68 days to mayday concert!)

zomg i'm like so excited.

and for those who keep insisting that this mayday concert sucks totally and its a waste of money to go,

i beg to differ, otherwise why did i get a row 10 out of the few $168 rows with all the premier seats gone on the 4th day of ticket sales?

perhaps, its just sour =/

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