Wednesday, February 06, 2008


hehs of cos i'm super excited abt it, its not only angbao but food and new clothes and going to other people's house to eat their cny food

but of cos, angbao money means more money to buy bag and clothes lalala.

okay yesterday night my parents' friends and son came so went out to eat sakura with them and my sis as well and i seriously suffered from indigestion last night

and went to look at the new year flowers at bedok area

then today went to school and seriously the 2 periods were pretty slack with hcl and chem

yep everyone's in a new year mood haha

recess was spent talking to yuncheng ( mainly) and also jonathan ( 4k ) and wanzhen hahaha

laughed at some people which was really bad but, just for laughs anyway

and saw yuncheng younger sis today! heh finally saw her already

tall, slim and looks not bad lah seriously haha


lols okay then had to rush home to pray ancestors

actually planned to go out with section but oh wells, no ancestors no me.

okay haha thats all.

anyway looked through my msn contacts and found out that there are like alot of people that i actually don't really know them, as in added them last time through some online game LOL.

that was ages ago and even they don't play those games now

and weirdly, although i have never seen them before and neither have they seen me before we call each other gorgor and meimei which is rather weird and we chat about school haha thats really dumb.

ps: perhaps there are some really handsome guys !

okay so don't learn this from me. as in okay although there might be possibilities of it turning out good ( like my case ) but high possibility they are just some bad people lol rofl.

yep and.

and louis and jervis are really very 没礼貌, just because chelsea's parents say that i'm pro then one said she is pai-ing ma pi and the other say she is just lying to me!

whatever it is, it DID make me really happy lah hahahahahha

okay countdown to chinese new year.

no more emo-ing for the next few days ;)


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