Tuesday, January 29, 2008

today was rather sadddd.

lessons were lol cos alot of teachers thought i not paying attention but actually i am but they just happen to see me when i'm copying down what they writing then they thought i doing something else

whatever lah.

chinese lesson wrote ying yong wen which i wrote like 3 full pages and i nearly couldn't complete it in time and yelaoshi was really scary lah

he crushed up wymer's paper cos he wrote too short then when he call him then he didn't went up to collect back ( cos he went to the toilet) then yelaoshi just crush his paper

and he had to write 4 pages .

okay anyway after school had sectionals which amanda came and took us for ensemble

and after that went through the pieces which was so lousy

i swear it was terribly lousy, even more lousy then sectionals 1 month ago?

actually wanted to take sectionals tommorow cos its the last sectionals liao but decided not to, let huiling take bah.

current state of section is like.. and if i take it i will be so much less efficient and won't be able to correct as much as her.

and louis keep saying why is it last prac/last sectionals

but its a fact what

as in after concert take what sectionals.. do crotchet quaver triplets semiquaver and sectionals dismiss?

even if have band prac it would mean alot lesser already

it will be the handover period already and not everyone lets chiong together

and perhaps like what yongquan say, i'll be another chongning ( cos she was the only one who didn't go back)

does it really matter that much

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