Wednesday, January 23, 2008

quite a long day today;)

anyway shall share a song by my fav singer 林宥嘉 singing 我爱的人

its what i've been feeling lately okay..

okay it started off with, aha i saw this chair in class today which has got MY NAME!

not actually, it has the name junzhi, then got the ZHI

see the chair?

okay talk abt yesterday

yesterday night when i had dinner

i happen to eat in a fish bone

say zomg.

omgosh la. then went to see doc to remove the bone

it was like stuck in my throat.

okay then lessons were like that

wah seriously this class is so sickening

okay lets just talk about past incidents so relate to this incident

i guess no one will disagree that my class is like damn noisy? and its seriously noisy

in fact you can say that they are selfish, so am i perhaps

i've always been against this idea that, if i carn change it, then i follow it

but today, i've decided to throw away this stupid thinking of me that will earn me no living

my class is just so sickening noisy

so i've decided, okay why not make noise too, no reason everyone's so noisy and i'm the only one there being so angry

and guess what, there was this stupid lady whom i've hated all along who gave me this universal sign showing that i'm too noisy.

not sign, sound you can say.

oh right. if it was the teacher i would gladly listen. if it was some other people i would gladly listen

what i carn stand is that fact that this lady, who is so irresponsible. the loudhailer of the class, the one who doesn't and carn do anything, the one who likes to claim credit, the one who is such a bitch in short, actually told me to keep quiet?

and actually, i think the noise i made today was only 1/10 of the usual noise the bitch makes

wah angry man.

but nevermind. why should i be angry with a bitch.

yingzhi's time should be spent with better people. like percussion.

okay so anyway second recess went to eat with wanzhen


MDM SIM ZOMGGG!! and i told her i like her alot and she don't believe me

but anyway she sat beside me really close okay


right anyway after school went for sectionals

did tequila and sabre dance throughout

and i have to run from timpani( one end ) to marimba ( the other end ) during the change from tequila to sabre dance

zomg. its so gan, unglam you can say

my last few sectionals already!

okay thats all

emath and english test tommorow


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