Sunday, January 27, 2008

not much homework today since i completed amath already and it seems that there is only SS left.

and i'm damn slack lol. not intending to do bio, or study chem. anyway they are not due tommorow..

mus'art concert yesterday! it was super, like really

although yongquan huiling and i missed the most important first song COS LEEHUILING WAS LATE =.^

lol. but anyway everything was really nice

weijie still look as good<3>

lol yea the music was really good

as in, just like what i told louis, if planet yz really exists with passionyz staying there, then its like passionyz was inspired to return back to earth.

okay and yesterday was some dress code : green and black stripes and apparently i don't have so i had to play around with my hairband.


LOL JINGYI TOOK THIS PHOTO. actually it was meant to look like sir stamford raffles but ohwells

oh and there is this another unglam photo taken by yongquan but i don't have it and i don't want it LOL

yea going for dinner later tonight, meant as a reward for my a1 ;)

haha okay thats all, bye people:)

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