Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my eyes are feeling so unwell=/

ps: equaliser is like so super fun to play with!

especially when you have this external speaker thing then you can change the pitch and everything

wanzhen was here today and i was so bored ZZZZ. nothing to laugh about, no one to share my joy with HAHA =o

okay so lessons were like that

expressions were nice with mr ben'tan, ms khoo, mr marcus koo? and mr kevin or kelvin tan

they are really good okay, it basically sounds like a band although they only have acoustic guitar.

and after expressions had hair check and i thought i passed the check cos mrs mohan didn't say anything but that sally lai zomg she say my hair is unacceptable

the hair at the side of the face too long ( lmao its like 5 cm only.) and then the fringe too long also

i still thought i had this model hair like hello, its so short already how short you want it to be.

now i have to pin up my hair and i don't care, i won't pin up the hair at the side of my face.

right then sectionals did tequila and sabre dance and march boushu

wah seriously i'm so pissed with myself for sabre dance

its not like i didn't practice sabre dance

i did practice it at home

i even did " dictation" so as to ensure that i remember the score already

concert is like 16 days away but i still carn get it right

and i really wonder whats happening to me.

if this goes on,who knows, i might -

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