Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i'm so tired:S

today was totally screwed on that podium with yunleng, i was so nervous that i forgot what to say at the escape theme park part but oh wells, good experience though;D

and i had to tuck in ( which actually i didn't) and pull up my socks

i pulled up half and zomg its like so freaking high, olevels i also didn't wear this high can

it was this high only for olevels.
my tian!
okay so anyway had lessons had sectionals after school, and before that went to ngee ann with yanhao and jervis to get the two euphoniums and cupmutes

haha okay i still don't know who is shir lin cos there were like 2 girls who passed up the instru and went off, like even if shir lin is one of them i also don't know which one she is.

okay so anyway sectionals were okay.

playing for noah's ark though

feel quite bu hao yi si cos i saturday pracs everytime cannot go yet i get to play for combined band.

and when i reach home i saw that my dog's ahem swelled up like zomg cos my mama forget to feed him medicine

okay 报告完毕


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