Monday, January 14, 2008


okay i know its so so random now.

listening to que sera sera now, urm its a jazz song that i really don't like but well for the sake of exposure >.<

some pictures for vivo yesterday

had dinner at thai accents?

scenery was good

and my new pair of school shoes

see the shoelace is so special, its single line leh, no crisscross.

yep so today had PE and stuff and lessons and everytime.

chinese was funny cos we had to do this zuoye?

then i told wymer to do like qns 2 3 4 then i do qns 5 6 7 kind of stuff.

but he proved to be totally not efficient cos he don't know how to do alot of qns

but anyway after school yunleng and i with the accompaniment of leehuiling, went to creativity room
( omgosh its such a nice room just for teachers?!)

then advertise the band concert in front of the teachers and p and vp and zomgoshh its so paiseh can.

and i swear the teachers are treated something like students by the p and vp=/

okay and leehuiling says that i'll have to do the same thing on the podium tommorow like zomg

i totally don't want to do it please.

its so embarrassing. i mean in front of teachers still okay but, fellow friends =/?

although i know its like a very special chance to be able to stand on the podium and make an announcement, i mean it will definately contribute to my another lovely memory in ahs but its just so paiseh

fine i'll just see where fate brings me to.

and after band got pumped by dm cos we talked too much

well i got to admit that i've contributed to alot of the laughing




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