Thursday, January 24, 2008


and this is my 3rd consecutive month of requesting for a slant. and i think this time round is much nicer than the 1st and 2nd time. heh but must see how it is like when its abit longer.

okay so anyway today got back our chinese olevel results.

A1! okay i swear i've been longing it like L-O-N-G-I-N-G I-T.

i mean, i do know that, hey who doesn't want to have an A1. but my point is that, i was really happy to get it

so does WANZHEN! haha okay WE BOTH GOT A1;D

then i called home and told my mum and she started to scream in joy and i'm so happy that i started crying like ROFL

okay everything was so emotional.

and we managed to pon the last two lessons to go to the hall and view the results analysis with the sec4'07.

okay this year they did really well! i mean, 10.98 zomg.

with my current results, EVEN YISHUN JC DOESN'T ACCEPT ME OMG?

okay whatever. yep then after lessons went to bandroom to self prac awhile then off for amath tuition

oh and today the speech test was rofl. i wrote only 277 words and i see everyone writing like 2 pages like that? i didn't even hit 1 page but i got 277 words already.

and matrix test! <333333333>

okay thats all


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